C'mon Hollywood #223

...let's move past Megan Fox already!
by J.A. Hamilton

The fact that Hollywood is fueled by superficial tendencies is nothing new, and a subject I don’t usually care to take part in. However, the alarming increase in celebrity “breakdowns” and “rants” lately is disturbing and quickly getting out of control. Sure, a good half of them are poorly executed publicity stunts aimed at drumming up attention for themselves as well as their current projects, but in some cases, it’s more than that. Megan Fox is the “poster girl” example of a young actress who’s got ONE thing going for her: Her looks. Being hot can get you in the spotlight, but that light can fade pretty damn fast if you’re not careful. Megan Fox’s string of disrespectful outbursts makes Katherine Heigl look like a saint by comparison. Personally, I think she’s passed the point of no return, and should be dropped quicker than Kanye West at a Taylor Swift concert.

"This pic better not end up online Shia..."

First and foremost, Megan Fox has to realize that nobody saw her in HOPE AND FAITH and said, “WOW, that girl’s witty teenage banter is GOLD! She’s Hollywood’s next leading actress!” Nope. Sorry (excuse me a moment while I stop laughing). What really happened was Michael Bay thought she was hot, with a tight little body and decided to roll the dice (hence, her uncredited cameo in BAD BOYS 2 as Stars-and-Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall). Then TRANSFORMERS became a huge hit, her picture was splashed all over every magazine on the planet; skyrocketing her to super-stardom and making her a Goddess in eyes of young male virgins everywhere. She had the look, but her acting skills? Not so hot. Still, she was given the benefit of the doubt and Hollywood was hers for the taking...until she opened her mouth.

What the F*CK does that even mean

I remember cringing when I heard she referred to Disney as “a baby whore machine,” followed by, “F*ck Disney!” I don’t know that I’d openly diss any company worth billions of dollars these days. I worked in Little Italy for two years and KNOW how much a professional hit costs. If I were her, I’d be worried about waking up late one night in bed to find a man standing over me smiling, dressed in black with matching Mickey ears and a shot gun pointed at my head. He’d whisper, “Who’s f*cking who, NOW, bitch,” before pulling the trigger. Don’t get me wrong, nobody’s perfect and sometimes even the best of us slip up, but referring to Michael Bay’s work ethic on set as something out of Hitler’s regime is a touch much, especially considering the guy helped jumpstart your career. And to add insult to injury she then attacked the man’s character by calling him socially awkward.

It's DC or nothing, the Marvel/Disney bridge is burned

Criticizing directors isn’t too bright, but neither is attacking your peers. In this month’s issue of IN TOUCH magazine, Fox takes pot shots at everyone. She calls Zac Efron the next Elizabeth Taylor, says if someone told her Angelina Jolie was a vampire, she’s respond, “Yeah, okay, totally.” And then there’s her “bad girl” sex pot image she tries so hard to portray. Personally, I’m not buying it. Cool with nudity? Lesbian fling with a stripper? Whatever. For months she played up JENNIFER’S BODY like she was gonna show us the goods, nope, that scene was cut and I wouldn’t expect to see it on DVD or Blu-ray either. I find it ironic how much Megan has in common with her flesh eating, ooze spewing JENNIFER’S BODY character, as she’s running rampant across Hollywood like a possessed psycho, not only continuously biting the hand that feeds her, but unleashing a deadly stream of filth every time she opens her mouth.

Are sex-capades like THIS enough to keep us interested

I’m won’t begrudge anyone their vanity, but there’s always been a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and Megan Fox continues to step over that line. If Charlie Murphy were here, he’d call her a habitual line-stepper. She doesn’t appreciate what she’s got, she has no respect for her peers and worst of all she’s not even a “good” actress. I chatted briefly with Derek Mears on the weekend, now there’s a guy who’s worked hard for every break he’s gotten and who not only appreciates every door he’s opened, but remains humbled and genuine. Mears possesses one of the few things you can’t buy in Hollywood: Class. Something Megan Fox should consider if she plans on being around much longer. When asked directly if she considers herself pretty, Megan responded, “I’m clearly not ugly.” Well, there’s an old saying, “For every hot chick out there, there’s a guy getting tired of her,” and in Megan’s case, it’s not one guy, it’s the world.
Extra Tidbit: It was definitely cool to see Loren Avedon hit the strike backs last week (he even added me on Facebook). I'd be more than happy to hear from any of YOU on Facebook (John A. Hamilton), to chat, hear your column ideas and opinions.
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