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C'mon Hollywood #235


...are director egos getting too big?
by J.A. Hamilton

Letís be real for a moment, when it comes to films, there arenít many totally original ways to go anymore, which in my opinion challenges writers and directors both creatively. So for me, itís not so much the original ideas Iím looking for lately, itís the way with which we present these ideas that count. Give me empathic, real characters with flaws both morally and emotionally caught in a multi-paneled web of intrigue and adventure and Iíll be there with bells on. But what Iím tired of seeing are directors promising the world, and then blaming everyone else when they donít deliver. Not all are guilty of this, but weíve seen our fair share this year especially.

"Yes, my pinky IS touching her ass."

Iím big fan of Tarantino, I truly am, but I was underwhelmed by INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. He was making it out to be something special, but this film was anything but. I dug Tarantinoís vision as far as Hitler was concerned, but I didnít see the need for another WW2 based film, especially when the original was not worth remaking in the first place. Then we have Bay (another of my favorites) but I didnít like how his and Megan Foxís ďdebockleĒ got so out hand only to have him start working on TF3 with her back. Iím sorry, but this makes the whole thing feel staged, if this situation was anywhere near as bad as it was made out to be, he could have easily killed her off in the beginning and it wouldnít have hurt the film at all.

"So get this, then we like KILL Professor Xavier..."

Iím not going to beat up on Boll too much (heís his own worst enemy), but Iím not sure what he thought would happen after making an angry online video where he bashes Bay and Clooney in a fit of rage that went totally overboard. Then we have Ratner (love you Niki) who starts blowing up at anyone and everyone who commented on LAST STAND. I loved the X-MEN movies, and LAST STAND had the potential, but in my opinion suffered from 1) mutant overload, 2) uncharacteristic behavior in heroes and villains, and 3) a flimsy concept by way of a ďcureĒ. Is this all Ratnerís fault, probably not, but publicly losing your mind at the fans will put the guilt on your tab pretty damn quick.

It's not perfect, but it IS worth the hype

McG didnít make the mess of TERMINATOR that some people are saying he did, but again, running your mouth about it isnít going to help you much. Cameron promised that AVATAR would be the next big thing, and it was on most levels. So some of the dialogue was cheese and the story resembled a few other films, you canít win em all, and bottom line; it was an A+ movie experience. On the flip side, we have guys like Abrams, whoís on fire right now and keeping a cool head about it. We also have Scorsese, Nolan and Woo keeping the hits coming with SHUTTER ISLAND, INCEPTION and RED CLIFF, all of which look fantastic thus far.

This baby's up there on my 2010 "must see" list

Each and every one of these directors has contributed great films to the industry (a lot of my all time favorites to be exact) but we live in a day and age where integrity has the power to make or break you in the public eye. It doesnít matter how many amazing films you direct, write or star in, it can all be taken away in one foul swoop if youíre not careful. People donít forget drama, and tend to focus on the bad so exclusively that they often times forget the good. Our directors arenít the only culprits in this regard, but they really have to watch what they say if their integrity is going to stay intact. Iím thankful for all your hard work guys, just do us all a favor and think before you speak, especially if youíre in front of a camera.
Extra Tidbit: Happy Holidays guys and gals, and remember not to drive after you've managed to get yourselves all FUBAR'd. Also, AVATAR isn't the only film that needs love over the holidays, don't forget about SHERLOCK HOLMES.
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