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C'mon, Hollywood: Does Scarlett Johansson deserve a little awards love?


The Golden Globe nominees were announced a few weeks ago with no real surprises or out of the blue shocks, except of course for there being no love for PRISONERS (see the full list right over here if you so please). I don't know how seriously you folks take this award show, or any award show for that matter, but I personally love seeing these ceremonies take place because movies are awesome and I simply think the nature of competition is interesting and entertains me. However, there was one announcement (or lack thereof) this year that caught my attention. 

Scarlett Johansson has been having a very successful year and with each consecutive film, she hasn't only showcased her talent, but her versatility as an actress. Whether it was her comedic turn in DON JON or her performance in UNDER THE SKIN, critics have been buzzing endlessly about her multifaceted skills as a performer. It wasn't really until HER, though, that we received some hopeful award talk and while the Rome Film Fest presented Johansson with an award earlier this year, the Golden Globes have allegedly declared her voice-only performance for HER ineligible for a Best Supporting Actress nomination (you can read that story right here). 

Now, I haven't seen the film for myself, so I can't speak on behalf of her performance, but it's not the fact that she wasn't picked as a nominee that has me scratching my head. It's that the girl wasn't even eligible to be nominated. Yeah, the performance in question was "only" a vocal performance, but just because she doesn't have a physical presence on screen doesn't mean that she was phoning it in or just doing it for the paycheck. Like any other serious actor, I'm sure she gave it her all as evidenced by the extensive amount of critical acclaim and the concept of a bodiless character who is limited to only their voice to forge a love connection with the main character proves that a special kind of performance was given. 

The Academy Awards won't announce their nominees until the 16th of January, so Johansson may still have a shot with them, but this kind of discrimination just brings another actor to mind who has worked against the norm and has deserved award recognition for some time now. That actor is the great Andy Serkis and the fact that the "bigger" awards haven't given him his due yet is unfortunate. Whether or not he was been deemed ineligible as well, he's an incredible actor who brought every CG character he's helped create to life. While it could be said that the characters would not be what they are without the incredible visual effects team, the same could be said about Serkis. Without him, the visual effects team would not have such great facial and body movements to base their work off of and we would not have the memorable performances that have helped create one of the greatest computer generated characters of all time. Unlike Johansson, Serkis had to implement his entire body (especially his face) for his performances and whether it be Smeagol, Kong, Caesar or Captain Haddock in THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN, he has always delivered quality work. 

I'm not saying that every actor who has ever done a voice performance or motion capture should be automatically nominated for an acting award, but when the talent is so obviously displayed, it should be noted. Let's look back to 1993 when Robin Williams was awarded a Special Achievement Award by the Golden Globes for his work as Genie in the animated film ALADDIN. That's right. Robin Williams doing his normal off-the-wall schtick as a side character in a Disney film warranted a special award. I won't start any argument with William's talent or whether he deserved it or not, but why can't that tradition go on? Films continue to progress and change in fascinating ways and sometimes the most brilliant aspects of these films don't necessarily fall into the categories presented by these award shows. Why not present a Special Achievement Award to the incredible motion capture performance of Andy Serkis in RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES or to Scarlett Johansson for her vocal performance in HER or for an independent filmmaker who released an extremely successful piece, etc. Not everyone who makes a quality product necessarily needs or deserves a statue, but sometimes those who deserve it most are forgotten and that need addressing. 

So, C'mon, Hollywood! GIve some credit where credit's due. Scarlett's a great actress (not to mention a ridiculously hot one) and I'm sure missing out on a spot in this year's Golden Globe nominations isn't the end of the world for her, but when actors take part in unusual films that work against the norm and their performance is worth recognizing, why should they be denied that recognition? Perhaps, to make it up to herself, she'll just have to appear, body and all, in the rest of her films. That's something that I can surely get behind any day. 

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Scarlett deserves the gold?
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