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There's a new phobic disorder rampaging Hollywood these last few years it seems, and the folks of Urban Dictionary got a name for it: Junophobia, an irrational fear of teenagers who incorporate more than 10% of Diablo Cody's slang into their lexicon. If you suffer from that condition, don't dunk your marmalade in the trash just yet - there IS help.

Empire Online has taken upon themselves to assist those poor people with their handy guide to the slangy lexicon invented by stripper turned screenwriter Diablo Cody.

Wanna know what your neighbor meant when he invoked Charlton Heston after you rear-ended him? Find out RIGHT HERE (call 911, by the way - you're about to hurt a lot).

To help the more severe cases ease into it, here are a few entries:


Sea cucumber [noun] An uncircumcised penis.

As heard in: Jennifer's Body ("I've always wanted to try sea cucumber.")

Maxi Pad [noun] Father. Rhyming slang for dad.

As heard in: United States Of Tara ("Ugh, here comes Maxi Pad.")


Bangin' [adjective] Good or great.

As heard in: Jennifer's Body ("He said he always though you and me would make a totally bangin' couple.")


Cheese and fries! [exclamation] Rhyming slang for "Jesus Christ!"

As heard in: Jennifer's Body ("Oh, cheese and fries, someone's here!")
Extra Tidbit: I'd be curious to know what Anthony Burgess would think of Cody's slang...
Source: Empire Online



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