Coens show grit

Having just completed A SERIOUS MAN for Focus Features, the Coen brothers are heading back to the West with an update of the classic John Wayne western TRUE GRIT. Although many considered NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN to be the Coen's first foray into the western genre, TRUE GRIT will see them explore the classic world of cowboys and indians for the first time. The brothers have already stated that they will be more faithful to the Charles Portis book than the 1969 film, which scored Wayne an Oscar for best actor.

Portis' novel is about a 14-year-old girl who, along with an aging U.S. marshal and another lawman, tracks her father's killer in hostile Indian territory. Written by the brothers themselves, their version will be told through the eyes of the young girl, as opposed to the original film, which acted as a vehicle for John Wayne, natch. The broskies are teaming up with producer pal Scott Rudin who worked with them on NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, so it appears as though the stars have aligned once more for the prolific brothers and their fans. This is gonna be good.
Extra Tidbit: Which Fanning will be cast as the little girl, Dakota or Elle?
Source: Variety



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