Cohen on Mummy 3?

Rob Cohen Rumors of a third installment of THE MUMMY series have been bouncing around the internets for quite some time now and supposedly Stephen Sommers had agreed to write the film but was reluctant to direct it (possibly due to MUMMY burnout from directing the first two films). According to the folks over at TMZ, Universal is looking to Vin Diesel popularizer Rob Cohen to follow in Sommers' mummy-resurrecting footsteps. Considering Cohen has basically the same directorial sensibilities as Sommers (i.e. brainless action where all kinds of shit blows up), he seems like an adequate choice to keep the same tone as the first two films. Plus, after the spectacular bombing of STEALTH, Cohen may not have a ton of options right now. What do you guys think? Besides, of course, "THE MUMMY 3? What the hell, enough already!"

Extra Tidbit: Both Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, who starred in the first two MUMMY films, have said they'd be up for returning for a third film.
Source: TMZ



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