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Colin Firth has apparently passed on the Oldboy remake


I see that there are some people out there that are semi-interested in this OLDBOY remake. Some of you want to see what Spike Lee will do with this thing, others are fans of Josh Brolin, and others must satisfy their strange curiosities.

If you were even the slightest bit intrigued with Colin Firth playing the villain, then you may have to deal with some bad news. It seems that Firth has passed on the role. I thought it was an inspired choice, but if they have to remake this thing, then I'd actually like them to keep the bad guy a bit younger.

So who will be the one to kidnap Josh Brolin? I don't know. I'm still surprised by this remake. Actually, I'm even more surprised by the AMERICAN PSYCHO news. I'm just going to go punch myself in the face now.

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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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