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Colin Hanks is one fortunate serial killer in first Lucky trailer


Winning the lottery and serial killing. Kind of seems like two ideas pulled from a hat that were combined into a quirky movie concept. But it does exist, and LUCKY stars Colin Hanks as a lottery winner who also happens to kill people.

Sympathetic serial killers have been made popular recently by Dexter, but it's a little easier to root for someone killing murderers as opposed to say, cute blonde girls like Hanks here.

It all makes for a rather bonkers trailer that includes a gold-digging marraige and Jeffrey Tambor as a detective, and I have to wonder if this whole indie project is preparing Hanks for his role in the upcoming season of Dexter (true story).

Check it below, or at Yahoo! for HD.

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Extra Tidbit: My first online gaming name I used was Cereal_Killer. I thought I was so clever.
Source: Yahoo!



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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