Comeback for Phillips?

Once upon a time Todd Phillips was one of the most promising comedy directors in Hollywood. His hits included ROAD TRIP, OLD SCHOOL and STARSKY AND HUTCH. Then he dropped out of directing BORAT halfway through the film. Larry Charles came in, retooled the film with Sacha Baron Cohen and turned it into one of the most successful films of 2006. Phillips went on to direct SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS instead, which was painfully unfunny and featured Billy Bob Thornton and Jon Heder rehashing old routines. Here's hoping Phillips can turn things around and get another OLD SCHOOL out of his system. He's just signed on to produce and direct THE CHADSTER for Warner Bros. The film follows a best man at a wedding who finds his position challenged when an eccentric childhood friend crashes the wedding. Sounds YOU, ME AND DUPREE-ish no? Phillips will next direct MEN for Warner Bros. about a bunch of guys who travel to Russia to find women to be their brides.

Extra Tidbit: Despite leaving BORAT he was still one of the credited writers who was nominated for an Academy Award for the screenplay.
Source: Variety



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