COMIC CON: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark


Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

I haven’t seen the original film that this remake is based on (I hear it’s quite cheesy and dated), but I’d watch an updated version of HOWARD THE DUCK if Guillermo Del Toro was involved. The geek director extraordinaire, who is producing alongside CHUD.com webmaster Nick Nunziata, will be at the panel with director/friend of JoBlo.com Troy Nixey, to show us some footage from the horror flick, which opens in January.


Guillermo Del Toro

The panel has ended and you can read our live blog (featuring your questions and comments!) in the module at the bottom, or check out a quick recap below.

  • - Guillermo Del Toro is possibly the greatest person in the world.
  • - Things started off with a teaser featuring very brief snippets of the atmosphere and house featured in the film, followed by an extended shot of a little girl crawling under the sheets of her bed for an unnaturally long time until a monster jumps out at her. A cheap, but effective scare that killed in front of the audience.
  • - The original was one of Del Toro's favorite movie and he is excited to update it as a mixture between a fairy tale and horror film. It was rated PG-13 without needing any cuts.
  • - Next showed the film's prologue, which was conceived and written by GDT, and features a maid getting her teeth violently smashed out of her mouth by a crazy Mr. Blackwood, who then tries to give the teeth to an offscreen scary voice who says he needs children's teeth. Things do not end well for Mr. Blackwell.
  • - Next for Del Toro: a new original horror movie he'll start shooting next May, a stop motion Pinnochio movie with music by Nick Cave, the aforementioned Haunted Mansion redux, and a potential TV series he's producing that would be his version of Masters of Horror (and could possibly involve Lovecraft).
  • - Del Toro also stressed how eager he is to help new filmmakers and if you ever see him anywhere, pitch him your idea and he'll see what he can do. 
  • - Guillermo Del Toro doesn't f*cking care about cursing in front of your children.


Director Troy Nixey



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