COMIC CON: Drive Angry 3D

What would Comic Con be without Nicolas Cage? The Man finally gets to take the stage right now as we get our first #d look at DRIVE ANGRY. The film also stars Kaley Cuoco and Amber Heard. I'm pretty sure Cage was on the casting committee. Let do this.

We're gonna be covering most of the Comic Con panels LIVE from the hall in which they're being presented, so you can follow us LIVE via the COVER IT LIVE widget below. You can also post your comments into the widget, but we will be moderating those comments, of course. Enjoy!

  • Amber Heard is incredibly hot. A lot of shots of her in cut-off jeans from behind in the clips. This was by far the best thing about this panel.
  • Cage took a ton of questions about the type of roles he takes (i.e. why he comes off as insane in most of his roles). Says he just wants to take risks with his career that will let him expand his roles. He loves all genres of film but independant drama is still number one in his heart because that's where he got his start.
  • The trailer was packed full of cheesy one-liners from cage, cars flipping around and crashing, explosions, and some typical 3D camera play. Such as the flight path of a bullit on to Bill Fichtner's cheek.
  • Overall, kind of felt like I've seen this movie a thousand times before but if you love some over-the-top Cage and Amber Heard's ass, you'll be in for a good time.

Source: JoBlo.com



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