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Comic Con Exclusive Video: Sideshow Collectibles Tour


One of the many highlights of the almighty San Diego Comic Con is the ridiculous amount of swag (as Michael Scott would say) that is almost attainable. I say almost, because pesky things like "bank accounts" and "money" get in the way of me owning everything, so I stare and try not to drool on the glass too much. Sideshow Collectibles has excelled in recreating classic characters and monsters from varying genres, and in their 20th year of business, they pulled out the stops to show some of their best work at SDCC 2014. We couldn't help but shoot some video exclusively for you guys, showcasing some of the amazing detail that goes into these pieces of art. Remember to check out their own site to place you orders (or pre-orders) RIGHT HERE!

Check it out:

I may or may not have Minas Tirith and Barad-dur somewhere in my collection. What really rocks my socks is the facial detail, especially given how small the collectibles can get. The realm of collectibles has really expanded over the past 20 years, so I look forward to seeing what Sideshow will present us with going forward. Also, check back often, as our JoBlo team is covering every square inch of the San Diego Comic Con and we'll be sure to bring you the latest in film, comic, and collectible news!

Extra Tidbit: If you could take one, which would you go for?
Source: SideshowToy.com



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