For the fourth year running, the Arrow (aka John Fallon) and I flew our asses down to the sunny shores of the very beautiful San Diego, California to report on the gathering of the world’s maddest comic book geeks, as well as the studio presentations of their upcoming comic book-related, as well as genre, films. This year’s turn-out was even bigger than ever (last year welcomed over 65,000 visitors), but I personally wasn’t as impressed with the movie presentations as I had been in the past. They had announced lots of “surprise guests” as well, but the only surprises that we got was the deletion of directors Sam Raimi and Richard Donner from the official schedule, as well as a few possible teases, which never came to be. To be fair, the coolest director of all-time, Quentin Tarantino, hadn’t been announced and did show up on the final day, and seeing as that was my ultimate highlight, I guess it's all that bad... ;) (see what he has to say about the 2 parts of KILL BILL, the VEGA BROTHERS, the answer to what the f**k is in that PULP FICTION briefcase and rumors of him dating Britney Spears in the first part of our coverage below)

Once again (you can check out our previous years’ coverages right here: 2002 / 2001 / 2000), we will try not to bore with you too much of our own shit about the trip, etc…, but will try to provide you with the most comprehensive upcoming movie panel coverage of the Con right here (with pictures to boot). We will also include some pics of the event (including the first ever look at Doc Ock from SPIDER-MAN 2) as well as our overall feel of each panel. We hope that our coverage will give you a decent representation of what it was like to be there and hopefully, provide you with all the important info about each picture.

A special shout-out to all the fellow webmasters and studio folk that we hung out with as well (all cool peeps), as well as the many site visitors who (still surprisingly to me) actually recognized us and walked up to say “hey”, talk shop or in the Arrow’s case…ask for autographs?? Wow. I guess we don’t realize how many actually people read the site until we’re “out in the real world" (out of the folks basement), but it was pretty weird to meet new people, mention the site and see them respond with a “JoBlo.com…yeah, I visit that site all the time!” Neat. Anyway, enough about us, stick around for your all-out San Diego Comic Con fill over the next week. Excelsior!!


Classiest/Most Appreciative: Hugh Jackman
Best Looking Babe: Halle Berry
Most Relaxed Person: Rob Zombie
Coolest Dude: Michael Madsen
Funniest Speaker: Kevin Smith
Most Jerk-Like: Sean Astin
Most Sincere Speaker: Angelina Jolie
Fastest Talker: Quentin Tarantino
Biggest No-Show: Sam Raimi
Snazziest Dresser: Crispen Glover
Nicest Guy: Garth Franklin
Biggest Photo Opp We Missed: Lawrence Bender
Biggest Sell-Out: George Lucas (duh!)



Source: JoBlo.com



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