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Summit’s RED sounded like another generic assassin movie when first announced, but boy did our opinions change when the first trailer hit a few weeks ago (aka Helen Mirren with a machine gun.) Will some actual scenes from the film continue the hype? Check out our live report from the panel at 2:15 PST, which will feature graphic novel author Warren Ellis, director Robert Schwentke and a selection of the film’s stars which could include Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and a gun toting Helen Mirren.

The panel has ended and you can read our live blog (featuring your questions and comments!) in the module at the bottom, or check out a quick recap below.

-They debuted a new trailer you can now view it here!) which got the crowd pumped.

-The new trailer had cameos by Ernest Borgnine and a more defined scene with Richard Dreyfuss. Willis said that we've only seen about a third of the stars in the movie. Who else is in RED?

-Helen Mirren: “The people who go to see this aren’t the kind of people who go to see Tolstoy.”

-Mirren said she was "sh*t scared" to do a movie like this but it turned out to be a lot of fun. "I'ts great to have guns instead of words. Long speeches are harder than shooting a gun."

-Warren Ellis seems happy with how it turned out but emphasized he did it all for the money.

-Check out pictures from the panel in the live blog below!

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