COMIC CON: Secret Pics with Celebrities!

It wasn't as good as years prior but Ammon Gilbert and I once again set out on a mission to get as many photo-bombs with celebrities as possible. As long as there's parties, booze, and a camera, we'll continue to make this an exclusive JoBlo.com tradition. Ammon already gave us the Jerry O'Connell Photo-Bomb Spectacular , let's see who else fell into our trap.

Never get too close to Stone Cold. Words to live by.

Dolph Lundgrem and Terry Crews find us funny.

Is William Fichtner secret picing my ass?.

Dolph chased me three blocks after this.

Behold the epic stare-down between me and Sly.

Ammon bombed the cast of Piranha 3D so much people thought he was in the movie.

Where's your bat now, Eli?

Or now, pussy!

Ammon is like celebrity kryptonite.

Wesley Snipes has some sort anti-picture cloaking device. Seriously, I took 4 of these shots and they all came out distorted.

Genevieve's first secret pic, of Joss Whendon!

Not above bombing our own. Eat it, Moreno.

Source: JoBlo.com



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