COMIC CON: The Expendables!!

One of the biggest panels of the year is finally here. THE EXPENDABLES, starring Sly, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and a shit-load of more action studs is about to rock Hall H and we're here to bring you the goods. The film opens August 13th and will make your face explode if you're not careful. Let's get this thing started.

We're gonna be covering most of the Comic Con panels LIVE from the hall in which they're being presented, so you can follow us LIVE via the COVER IT LIVE widget below. You can also post your comments into the widget, but we will be moderating those comments, of course. Enjoy!

  • Joining the panel were Sly, Steve Austin, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and Bruce Willis for a short while.
  • Austin Broke Sly's neck filming a fight scene. He was in the hospital for a few days, as were most of the cast at one time or another.
  • The set seemed to be a dangerous place. Both Austin and Crews had explosion scares while filming.
  • Willis stopped by briefly to talk about the scene with Sly and Arnold. It was originally supposed to be a fight scene between Arnold and Sly but Willis got involved and helped shape what ends up in the film.
  • A lot of respect for Couture from the cast. Randy used his own fighting style while filming and helped a lot of the actors stay safe.
  • There's some sort of documentary that was shot while filming the movie. Features a lot about how rough it was for the actors on set and their many trips to the hospital.
  • Both clips shown were awesome. The first showed the entire fight sequence between Sly and Austin while Statham, Crews and Li took care of all the other baddies. The second showed Statham blowing up a dock from an airplane. 

Source: JoBlo



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