Comic News Round-Up: Jonathan Nolan directing Superman? This chick for Mary-Jane in Spider-Man?

According to a little site called GeekTyrant, they have some insight into the Superman reboot.

A couple of sources on the Warner Bros. lot are saying that Jonathan Nolan is the one that has been attached to direct the reboot. He's also been at the studio doing a lot of pre-development stuff. They say the main reason Christopher Nolan signed on as producer was to help his brother.

GeekTyrant just says to log this one as a rumor until or if a confirmation comes out. Wise idea.

Then they add that auditions are underway for the casting of the film. One name that they drop is CHUCK's Zachary Levi. The site was not sure what role he went out for, but only guess that Levi auditioned for The Man of Steel himself. I could maybe see him as Clark Kent, but is he the guy who could don the Supes suit?

On to hot romance interests, this heads up came from /Film via The Playlist.

Wrapped in a rumor about Anton Yelchin or Alden Ehrenreich (TETRO) playing Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man reboot is news of a possible Mary Jane.

Some girl I've never heard of named, Elena Satine tweeted this after Andrew Garfield was named the new Spidey, "Garfield is Spidey!!!! Now Alden Ehrenreich should get a nice consolation prize (cough HARRY cough) and we're rolling. How about MJ? Hmm..." Does this mean that she auditioned? Or is she just hoping that someone will read her cries and cast her in the part?

Satine has taken a few bit parts in several television shows like MELROSE PLACE and COLD CASE. She will also be seen in the upcoming Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston rom-com JUST GO WITH IT.

Extra Tidbit: Could Elena Satine be your MJ? Is it possible that Jonathan Nolan will direct Supes?



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