Comic writer Brian Michael Bendis involved with Spider-Man reboot?

When (500) DAYS OF SUMMER director Marc Webb got involved with the dubious reboot of SPIDER-MAN, he publicly stated he was a huge fan of the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comic series, Marvel's own reboot of the character.

Obviously he meant it. The eagle-eyed reviewers of Latinos over at Latino Review noticed an interesting tweet from tireless comic writer Brian Michael Bendis, who started the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comic over 130 issues ago: Just spent a very interesting morning at Sony with the entire spidey movie team!! Very very cool stuff!!

While it would be pure speculation to say Bendis is involved as some kind of consultant on the project, he's about the closest thing to an expert when it comes to taking a classic superhero and updating him for a new generation (even though SPIDER-MAN in 2002 was still this generation). And maybe it's early enough in the process where his input could help the most? Jamie Vanderbilt is still on board as the reboot screenwriter -- he was one of the first hands on Raimi's SPIDER-MAN 4.

(Before his apparent involvement, Bendis had previously tweeted: i work as a consultant on the marvel movies. this is a sony movie. i have no involvement. but maybe if you all scream loud enough )

The popular "Ultimate Spider-Man" book re-imagined the character and his supporting cast and villains, giving new twists on the origins and relationships but retaining and modernizing the original essence.

Extra Tidbit: Unlike the movie, Ultimate Spidey still had the old chemical adhesive web-shooters.
Source: Latino Review



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