Commando remake?

Remember when I promised to remake you last? I lied.

Hollywood is slowly working its way through history (distant or recent) for material to remake, revamp or reboot, and even a masterpiece like COMMANDO is not immune.

'Katy' forwarded us a sidebar bit from an Aussie mag called RCI, claiming that COMMANDO was being eyeballed for the redo treatment (right along with action flicks like CLIFFHANGER and RED DAWN). Not much info, so I checked with someone else who would know -- and they have indeed "heard whispers" of an update of the flick (the idea has apparently been kicking around for a while now).

The 1985 massacre starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a retired elite soldier whose daughter is kidnapped to coerce him back into service, sending him on a vengeful rage against his former comrades, an effeminate adversary and an entire fictional country.

Specifics on this purported remake are as scarce as the original movie's logic, realism or continuity, but at least we're prepared for the inevitable official announcement. Of course, Russia has already beaten Hollywood to the figurative punch:

Extra Tidbit: He didn't slaughter his way through Val Verde, but didn't Liam Neeson sufficiently cover similar ground in TAKEN?
Source: JoBlo



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