Compass trailer hits

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass I may be the only one around JoBlo.com HQ who thinks the upcoming Chris Weitz-directed THE GOLDEN COMPASS, an adaptation of the first of Phillip Pullman's acclaimed HIS DARK MATERIALS fantasy trilogy, isn't just another cheesy CHRONICLES OF NARNIA rip-off but is, in fact, so profoundly more imaginative, original and thought-provoking than NARNIA, not only does it dwarf NARNIA's pretty weak story but if done right, has the potential to set a new standard in cinematic fantasy adventure. Which is why the trailer Yahoo recently premiered for the film has me in an absolute tizzy. It's significantly meaty for a teaser (seven months away from release, no less) and despite some flaws in the CGI (again, it's still seven months away) and some wacky bits of editing, what's shown shouldn't disappoint if you're a fan of the story. Check it out over HERE. The film opens December 7th.

Extra Tidbit: Since I didn't get to it up there, the story revolves around a girl named Lyra who sets out an adventure to find out what's happened to the missing children in her town. Along the way, she encounters Gyptians, Armored Bears, witches and a secret truth about her own life.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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