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CON: Avatar!


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: For those who missed it (although you can still access our panel coverage below), AUGUST 21st will be considered AVATAR DAY as the film will be taking over as many IMAX 3D theaters plus selected 3D theaters and letting a global audience come to see 15 minutes of AVATAR for free!!!

NOTE: We're doing something different this year. We're gonna be covering most of the Comic Con panels LIVE from the hall in which they're being presented, so you can follow us LIVE via the COVER IT LIVE widget below. You can also post your comments into the widget, but we will be moderating those comments, of course. Enjoy!

The NEW MOON panel is finally over and it's the calm before the storm. It's eerily quiet in Hall H as the masses patiently await the first footage of AVATAR. I've got my 3D glasses ready and I'll be liveblogging the affair below...

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