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Before I could even stop my head from spinning on the Con floor I found myself sitting in a theater next to three other worn out JoBlo.com staffers and a free pair of snazzy 3-D glasses. We, along with a bunch of other press folk, were there to view about 10-15 minutes of BEOWULF, a new live-action/animation hybrid from Director, Robert Zemeckis and writers, Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary. This was to be the world premiere of the footage, which made it all that much cooler to check out.

First, we were shown the film's trailer in 3-D, following by the footage, a Q&A session with Gaiman and Avary, and finally, the film's teaser. The film stars Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, Robin Wright Penn, Crispin Glover, and Ray Winston (as the huge sexy blonde lead), the story re-tells the ancient tale of man vs. monster. You can check out all our VIDEO thoughts on what we saw below. As for what we learned from the Q&A...

- The film has been in the works since 1987 and has always been planned for a 3-D release.

- Gaiman met Avary after the latter was hired and fired by Warner Brothers to direct a SANDMAN movie, Gaiman's critically loved comic book.

- Avary and Gaiman wrote the first draft together in Mexico in two weeks, and joked about drinking margueritas and cheap beer while there

- Avary was initially supposed to direct the film, and Zemeckis as backing him on that, but the studio wouldn't have it, considering that he was the man behind KILLING ZOE, apparently. After a while, Zemeckis took the helm and Avary said that he felt like "Z" had taken the ideas from his brain and made them look about as great as he had ever imagined.

- The footage we saw was all that exists of the movie to date but is filled with tons of action. There's dragons, epic battles, flying, and even some hot animated loving.

- All characters eerily resemble their actors using 100% motion capture except Winston's and Glover's, who plays the main baddie, Grendel.

- Avary referred to the project as "the oldest story in the English language told with the most modern technology.

- The makers are aiming for a PG-13 rating and edited out foul language and changed the color of spraying blood from the original script to do so. There is a possibility of an unrated DVD though.

- Avary used inspiration from films such as EXCALIBUR and LEGEND to get the look and feel he wanted.

- Gaiman says this "is the closest you can get to walking around in a graphic novel".

- The film will be widest 3D release of all-time and be released in three formats including 3D, 2D and IMAX.

Co-writer Roger Avary playing bunnie rabbits with
 Johnny Moreno and JoBlo

- Somehow the animators have found a way to make Jolie look even hotter. A lift here, a tuck there. Possibly the greatest animated boobs I've ever seen by the way.

- Gaiman and Avary are currently working together again, in this same format, on Charles Burns' BLACKHOLE.



Source: JoBlo.com



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