CON: Costumed hotties

What has now become tradition here on JoBlo.com, I put my life on the line last weekend to bring you a quality selection of Super Hotties (check out Omar's work from last year HERE and HERE). I may have looked creepy, lurking around the convention floor, one hand holding my camera the other in my pocket (checking for batteries, yo) but nothing would stand in my way. Little kids were trampled, bodyguards were beaten, and more than one moral code was violated. Whatever, let's get to it.

Every time another geek passed out after seeing this they put him in Jabba's belly.


Nobody could pry their hips apart.


Hot Fuzz 2: More Hot, Less Fuzz


Dead chicks need love too.


Almost a zombie nip-slip!


The pink pigtails distract from the fact that her hands are stuck in her bum.


The casting call for this must have been weird.


Try and ignore Wolverine's little man boobs. Try it!


"Don't turn around. Some guy is taking another picture of my backpack."


"I told you it wasn't going to rain, bitch!"


"Does anyone remember where I parked that stupid f*cking invisible jet?"


"Hands above the equator f*cko."


Sexiest. Shin-pads. Ever.


I waited here for 45 minutes while she unbuttoned her coat.


Um, you should really rub some ointment on that.


That's perfect, now make me rum & Coke.


I remember nothing after this photo.


Sadly, we wore the exact same thing to the party.


That's right bitch, bow to that ass!


"She's 6'8" but I still think I could eat her."


Purple diapers are the new camel-toe.


She remembers nothing after this drink.


I hate when guys get in my shots. JoBlo rules!

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