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Halloween and The Mist. Need I say more? I love Zombie’s music and films and as for The Mist, well you can’t go wrong with one of Stephen King’s best short stories being adapted for the big screen by one of the strongest directors Hollywood has to offer: Frank Darabont. So it was with uber fanboy glee that I barged into this panel, hit the security guard over the head with my laptop for shits and giggles and took my seat. Alas, much like me in bed after too much rum and not enough Coke; I was semi let down by both panels. Why? Let’s explore these suckas.

Panelists: Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon Zombie, Tyler Mane, Scott Taylor Compton

The panel started on the right stab with a first look at the full trailer for HALLOWEEN. The trailer actually gave me a better sense of what I should expect as to this new entry in the Shape’s saga and the best way I could say is: “Myers served up a la Leatherface circa the remake and its sequel”. That’s all that popped in my head. Flick looks like it will be bleak, mean and mucho brutal with hints of 70’s jive tossed in there for good measure. After that we were shown a clip from the film and it went a little bit like this.

Clip: Laurie Strode hiding in the house. Michael (who just dragged an unconscious Loomis within the premises) looking for her. Game of cat and mouse ensues. Myers violently busts walls by punching into them. Laurie picks up a gun and hides on top of the the decrepit house' ceiling floorboards. Michael being the cutesy man that he is proceeds to also destroy the ceiling with a plank of wood until Laurie falls through it to hit the ground.

Although well shot, creepy and deliciously somber in tone; the scene did go on for a pinch too long in my opinion. I was like “get on with it already”. With that said; the scene was played out of context hence I won’t be too quick to judge. I’m sure it will play much better when I see it as part of the whole movie.

After that lovely showing, Zombie opened the floor for questions. Maybe it was just me but Rob didn’t look to enthusiastic to be there and seemed like he just wanted to “get it over with”. But again maybe that’s just me. Sheri Moon Zombie on the other hand was all smiles and was filled with  positive energy. Very charismatic lady! So here are a treats I caught off this trick.

First TV spot (with new footage) for Halloween!
Thx to Steven for the knife's up!

-The film isn't done yet, Zombie is still mixing the sound.

-The remake retains elements and beats from the original but on the whole it’s a fresh and new approach to the material.

-Rob Zombie doesn’t like composing music for his own films (to much work in one shot) hence Tyler Bates did the music for Halloween.

-The Halloween theme is used in the film, they changed it a bit but not too much because Zombie liked the dated feel it has.

-In Zombie’s opinion, to succeed in the film industry you just don’t give up and you have to get used to people telling you suck.

-There will not be a feature version of his Werewolf Women of the SS faux trailer from Grindhouse.

-Superbeasto is still not finished but he does plan on completing it… one day.

-All Tyler Mane had to do to get into “character” is put on the Myers mask.

-Scout had to go through 5 auditions and one test screening before she locked the role of Laurie Strode.

-Tyler Mane hasn’t heard squat as to the fanboy hopeful Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael.

-Where the original Halloween was about a group of young people seeing their lives go down the drain via the inclusion of nutty Myers into it, this remake is about Michael. It’s his story.

-Sheri Moon Zombie does not aspire to work with other directors than her husband Rob Zombie. She likes her life the way it is, run her clothing line Total Skull work with Rob on films, tour with Rob... Rob, Rob, Rob.

-Zombie does NOT have a cameo in Halloween.

-John Carpenter hasn’t seen the remake yet. And in my opinion, I doubt he ever will. Zombie said that he had "one short conversation" with Carpenter about it, as he's friends with him and called him up before announcing it publicly. Zombie apparently told him over the phone, to which Carpenter said something along the lines of, "Great, go for it" and that's pretty much all they ever discussed about it.

-Halloween opens everywhere on August 31.

Sheri Moon Zombie kids! Yup, Rob Zombie is one lucky man! DAMN!

Panelists: Frank Darabont, Thomas Jane,
Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden

It’s really hard to think of a director that is as good with characters and drama than Frank Darabont. When I heard that he was front running the cinematic adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist; I did a couple of back flips cause I knew that meant two things: 1- we’re going to get a horror movie that delivers the goods with class and panache. 2- We'll get well rounded characters to love, hate or both. And if I go by the clip they showed us from the film; I think I will be right.

Clip: The sequence had to do with a group of people trapped in a basement. They do the mistake of opening the garage door which of course entails in a thick “mist” saying "hello". All is well at first, that’s until; some giant tentacle springs out of the fumes and grabs some dude by the leg and pulls him in. And that was the clip. Well acted (Tom Jane and William Sandler owned it) and paced with the proper scare beats; I am now even more excited as to the film. If I had one minute complaint to spit out it would have to be that the tentacle looked a little bit too CG to me. Hopefully they’re not done with it in Post.

After that, well it was an odd panel in the sense that nobody asked questions and the panelists didn’t want to reveal much if anything at all about the film. So that left me with adulating the passionate and endearing Thomas Jane (the man lives on a different plane than all of us and I love him for it) and these tidbits:

-The Mist IS a horror movie according to Darabont. It's brutal, disgusting and suspense filled. He has an aversion to filmmakers who make horror films and then call them thrillers. So again; The Mist IS a horror movie. Yippee!

-The flick contains some Lord of the Flies elements within it. Some of the people trapped inside the building are worse monsters than the actual monsters seeking snacks outside.

-Darabont sometimes shot in an unorthodox way. He had the camera men from the TV Show THE SHIELD on his team and often enough they would shoot a whole scene from top to bottom, over the shoulder while wandering all over the place to get their coverage. Some of the actors felt a little disoriented by that technique (namely Laurie Holden ) since they never knew where the camera was.

- The Mist opens on November 21, 2007

I hate it when this happens...

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