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CON: Hotties (day 1)


There's nothing like walking around taking pictures of half naked chicks to start the Con off right. Some costumes were cool, some were scary, and some were just plain weird. But that's not what you're here for... so on with the pics!

The "Horror Queen" Hottie

The "Sexy Vixen" Hottie

The "Not-So-Hottie" Hotties

The "Batgirl" Hottie

The "Princess Leia" Hottie Number 1

The "Princess Leia" Hottie Number 2

The "Ghostbusters" Hottie

The "Porn Star" Hottie

The "What the Hell is On Her Head" Hottie

The "Live Action Anime" Hottie

The "Look at my eyes not my tits" Hottie

The "Flash" Hottie

The "Supergirl" Hottie with Scary Green Arrow

The "Not-so-flattering Supergirl" Hottie

The "Too Old To Be In Costume Supergirl" Hottie

The "Holy Big Boobs Batman!" Hottie

The "WTF?" Hottie

The "Wonderwoman Working the Streets" Hottie

The "Hot Cause We're Into Blood" Hotties

The "Nice Ass!" Hottie

The" Weird Shoes" Hotties

The "Watchmen" Hotties

The "Quasi-Superhero" Hotties

The "I just caught you, a-hole" Hottie

The "Zombieland" Hotties

Stay tuned for more Hotties from the Con floor tomorrow!

Source: JoBlo



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