CON: Jackson & horror!

Hey folks, back again from San Diego. Hall H is a bitch and a half to get into, so we weren't able to cover the DISTRICT 9 panel live, but I made it in and was able to check out footage and hear all about it. More on that later.

Someone asked producer Peter Jackson if he has any plans on returning to horror movies, and his answer was... YES! While he's producing THE HOBBIT, he's not gonna be there to look over Guillermo del Toro's shoulder, so he may find a little horror movie to make in the meantime, to keep himself busy. Old school, DEAD ALIVE Peter Jackson!

Of course the crowd went insane. Was he just saying it for a reaction, or was he for real? I'm thinking he was genuine, as he seemed to spark up at the idea of doing something small and low-key in terms of horror as his next project. Hells yeah!

Ok, back at it. Jackson and James Cameron are coming up after some lame STAR WARS panel, so stay tuned!

Extra Tidbit: Peter Jackson lost A TON of weight! Wow!
Source: JoBlo



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