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We fought off Hall H's power sucking tendencies as long as we could but Ammon and my computers just couldn't keep up with the onslaught of live coverage coupled with the complete lack of outlets. We're kicking this bitch old school.

I hadn't heard much about LEGION until I checked ito the Hard Rock this weekend and Paul Bettany's oiled-up abs were staring at me from the front of our elevator. Every time we go to our rooms we have to go through him, literally. Most of the cast joined director, Scott Stewart on stage and got to the action. We had Abe Sapien himself, Doug Jones, Paul Bettany, 'Friday Night Lights' hottie Adrianne Palicki and Tyrese Gibson.

This is what she wore to the panel, honest.

  • The first clip they showed (a trailer I believe) was fucked up and creepy. Everybody important ends up gathering at a diner where some old lady starts running her mouth about the end of the world. It was the "...your fucking baby is going to burn!' that got me. Such language.
  • Creepy old lady then starts to shit-kick everybody she can get her hands on. She starts by biting a giant chunk out of some dude's neck and then crawls up on the ceiling like a wrinkly old insect and continues to give me goosebumps.
  • Bettany shows up finally and shows her what's up.
  • Doug Jones found himself defending the film to concerned Christians because it just looks like bad-ass Angels with machine guns. Actually, that's exactly what it is.
  • Tyrese started talking and didn't stop for ten minutes. He seems to like Bettany's muscles and spoke about the fact that Albuquerque (where they filmed) had run out of baby oil because he  was being oiled-up so much.

This is what I wore

  • Tyrese then explained the importance of his character like this: "I play this dude who just rolls up in this joint to get something to eat and get caught up in all this baby mama drama".
  • There is apparently a meaning to all of Bettany's tats in the film. Whether or not we get to find out wasn't too clear.
  • While Jones stays out of the makeup chair for a while (for a change) he does get some CGI, practical makeup combo to portray his elongated jaw in the film.
  • There will be a four issue comic prequel to the film coming out in November called 'Legion: Prophets'.
  • Stewart and Bettany then unvailed a teaser poster for their next collaberation, PRIEST, coming in 2010.

  • After everybody left the stage, Tyrese comes back out by himself and thanks everybody for making TRANSFORMERS 2 the number one film in the world. And then he pimps his brand new comic called 'Mayhem' and tells everybody where they can buy it on the floor. The stampede to the exits was legendary.

Thanks for hanging with me old school style. We'll have more live shit up soon.

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