CON: Pathology

Sometimes it takes a party and a couple of drinks to have a film pop up onto my radar. And that's exactly what happened when we were shown the trailer for the upcoming PATHOLOGY at the awesome Comic Con webmaster party. Written and produced by the writers/directors of CRANK Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor and directed by newcomer Marc Schoelermann the flick tells the tale of a group of medical student toying with the oh so lovely concept that is "the perfect murder".


To be honest before I saw the trailer, I didn't know or care much about the flick. But the grungy looking, gory, twisted and sexually warped (all about scalpel foreplay) trailer totally sold me on the flick. I had the chance to talk to writers of the film at that said party and they told me that they expect an NC 17 when they eventually submit it to our good friends the MPAA. Sounds good to me! Sadly the trailer is not online yet (trust me I looked) but you can check out the recently launched Official Site here for some minor goodies. Pathology stars Milo Ventimiglia (who was at the party to present the trailer...nice guy) and Alyssa Mylano (who sadly booked on the Con) and is slated for release on November 30th, 2007. And speaking of Mylano.... BINGO!


Source: JoBlo.com



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