CON: Snakes on a Plane


Host: Kenan Thompson
Samuel L. Jackson

Director David R. Ellis
Snake-wrangler Jules Sylvester
Director James Wong
Ryan Merryman
Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The New Line Cinema panel started off on a weak stab. The FINAL DESTINATION 3 DVD was "ho-hum" in the sense that we already knew about the “choose your own death” gimmick that the DVD had to it, so there wasn't really much else to report. Then, the "Special Preview" of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING got totally nixed out, nothing was shown and we were told to “watch the trailer online” instead. M'ooookay....BOOOOOO!

Thankfully, hope kicked in the guise of a side-splitting clip from Jack Black’s TENACIOUS D AND THE PICK OF DESTINY. Hilariously introduced by Jack Black (JB that is) and Kyle Gass (Yup…KG) the clip had me rolling in the aisles like a fruit roll-up in dire need of a beating. Picture this:

Description of the TENACIOUS clip:

Young rock and roller Jack Black is oppressed by his religious father i.e. Meat Loaf. Think the Twisted Sister video for “I wanna Rock”. After a spat, all communicated through singing no less, the father tears down all of Young Black’s Heavy Metal posters…all but one….Ronnie James “Dream Evil” Dio.

Saddened, Young Black sits on his bed pensive, until his Dio poster comes to life with Ronnie singing loud and proud as to what the young buck should do to get his life going. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Dio poster come to life…TRUST ME! So Young Black grabs his guitar, runs away from home and sets his sails to Hollywood. He gets there as an adult…lol. Yup, he got lost along the way!

Before the clip was shown, Black said (via a recording): “This movie will blow your nuts clean off right into your butt…and leave them there”. And I now believe him. I never cared much for Jack Black or Tenacious D, for that matter, but this bit SOLD ME. I will see this movie! It opens on November 17, 2006.


Samuel L. Muthaf*cker Jackson

With my spirits now lifted, New Line brought the happiness home with its SNAKES ON A PLANE panel. All the stops were pulled! Snake-wrangler Jules Sylvester kicked on stage with a myriad of snakes. It was fun at first, but by snake number 4, I was like “Okay, I get it...you have big snakes, can we move on?"

Thankfully, once the snake display ended, director David R. Ellis and Samuel L. Jackson took over the panel and it turned into "fun times" at the outhouse. Jackson was “off” at first, but once he figured out that all he needed to do was say bad words, he cussed like a sailor on leave and had us all by the balls.

SNAKES ON A PLANE is kind of a phenomenon in terms of how much the Internet was responsible for its buzz and how far the interaction between filmmakers and fans went. In honor of that, we were shown a reel of “fanboy made” SNAKES ON A PLANE art/jokes, which brought the point home even further.

Man, did we ever hype this bitch up! If the suits on top were smart though, they would’ve released the film this month, while the hype has peaked, as opposed to August 18th, but that’s just my two cents. Here’s a description of an 8-minute clip we saw and some of the info I caught in the air.

Chilled director David R. Ellis

Description of the SNAKES clip:

We’re in the plane, no pilot in the seat and varied types of snakes are attacking people left and right. Sometimes their real snakes, other times their CGI snakes. Sometimes it cool, sometimes lame. Potent boo scares kicked in, gnarly snakes POV shots surfaced, a huge snake fell on the scene, Jackson beat the crap out of the varmints and then had to go in the plane’s basement to do “something” or find “something” (wasn’t clear to me). Then the clip ended.


I personally can’t say that I was bowled over by the clip. It didn’t wow me or make me laugh much (I chuckled a bit). Then again, my good buddy JoBlo enjoyed it, so who knows? I’ll see the whole film before passing judgment. On to the info!

  • Director Ronny Yu was originally slated to direct Snakes on a Plane but he dropped out for reasons unknown.

  • Samuel L. Jackson was never in danger on set where his Agent imposed a 25 feet clause in his contract. Meaning the snakes always had to be 25 feet away from Mr. Jackson. Pussy…just kidding : )

  • What sold Jackson on the project was the title “Snakes on a Plane”.

  • The filmmakers kept close attention to what the fans were saying online about the film and went back to incorporate many of the fan demands into the film. Very cool! You see! We do make a difference!

  • They initially had 450 snakes on their plane set. By the end of the shoot they had 500. Yup, the little buggers reproduced! A snake orgy baby!

  • The CG guys studied the snakes on set to better reproduce them on their side.

  • In Samuel Jackson’s humble and highly respected (by me anyways) opinion, all snakes should die and burn in hell!

So, Sam Jackson, do you think those snakes deserve to die??

Source: JoBlo.com



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