CON: The Recap

Another year, another long-ass week of San Diego Comic Con coverage on JoBlo.com. I think this year's coverage was the most comprehensive one we've had so far (remember when the Arrow and I would go to the Con all by ourselves (2000/2001/2002/2003), drink a lot and bang out some panel coverage all those years ago...aaaaah, seems like ages ago), but as per usual, we are curious about WHAT YOU ALL THINK ABOUT OUR COVERAGE. More panels? More interviews? Less panels? Less interviews? More miscellaneous bullshit? More hot chicks in short skirts? Don't answer that.

Please take a few minutes to post your feedback below, as we will be making major changes to our Con coverage next year. Scroll a little further down for a RECAP of all the articles we've run on the Con over the past couple of weeks, featuring the great folks from our site who made it happen, including Mike Sampson, Jim Law, Johnny Moreno, Jenny Karakaya, Ammon Gilbert, Rusty Eltringham and the Arrow himself (although I think he was mostly "supervising" this time around -- supervising the drinking, that is!). Thanks!!!


Wolverine G.I. Joe
Max Payne The Day the Earth...
Tron 2 Watchmen
Twilight Red Sonja
The Wolfman Terminator 4
Zack & Miri... Mirrors
Dark Castle Universal Pictures
Race to Witch... The Spirit
Disney/Pixar Lionsgate
Visionary filmmakers Star Wars Clone Wars
Sony Pictures Friday the 13th
Jack Brooks.. Spaced


Carla Gugino/
Malin Ackerman
Patrick Wilson/
Billy Crudup
Matthew Goode/
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Zack Snyder/
Dave Gibbons
Alex Aja Guy Ritchie/
Gerard Butler
Sophie Monk/
Dave Parker
James McTeigue
Elizabeth Banks Dwayne Johnson
Rose McGowan/
Robert Rodriguez
Judd Apatow/
Danny McBride
Seth Rogen James Franco
Evan Goldberg Bryce Dallas Howard/
Sam Worthington
McG/Common Justin Long
Alison Lohman/
Dileep Rao
Rick Baker


Floor pics! Bitch slap!
More floor pics! Hottie gallery!
Floor footage! Webmaster panel
Tropic Thunder review Piece of Ass video
Hot chick banners! Best/Worst of the Con!
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