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NOTE: We're doing something different this year. We're gonna be covering most of the Comic Con panels LIVE from the hall in which they're being presented, so you can follow us LIVE via the COVER IT LIVE widget below. You can also post your comments into the widget, but we will be moderating those comments, of course. Enjoy!

The Warner Brothers panel is looking to be one of my most anticipated panels of the Con. JONAH HEX is being pimped out, with stars Josh Brolin and Megan Fox in attendance, then there's THE BOX, with Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, and director Richard Kelly... and possibly others. Spike Jonze and crew are presenting some cool stuff for one of my favorite 'children's' books WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, which should be amazing. THE BOOK OF ELI is set to show some coolness with stars Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in the house, as well as the peeps from SHERLOCK HOLMES!

Then finally, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. with stars Jackie Earle Haley, director Samuel Bayer, and producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, all there to present (hopefully) some first-time ever footage. I can't wait for this shit to start! And here we go...

UPDATE: Because CoverItLive wasn’t working for me (it hates me), I had to resort in AlmostCoverItLive, i.e., me writing like we’re live during the event, then posting it to the site later. But just pretend we’re totally live and experiencing the Warner Bros. panel live! Pretending makes everything fun! Ok, here we go…

  • Director of programming comes out and tells us how awesome we are. The crowd cheers!
  • Apparently there’s a 3D panel later today, but he doesn’t say what… hmmmm… Thanks to Dolby for hookin’ it up!
  • A note that if we record anything, we’ll get the tar beat out of us.
  • Jeff Walker and Warner Bros. is about to start the show!
  • First movie is WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE
  • We start out with a little documentary with Maurice Sendak, the original author of the book.  Spike Jonze interviews him and he basically talks about how much he loves the story, and that the movie takes it in the direction.
  • Maurice really wanted Spike to direct the book, and is stoked on the final product.
  • Spike started working on this project four years ago. Some cool footage is shown, more than just the trailer. Like the kid getting crowned by the Wild Things. Me, and the crowd, are really digging it.
  • The monsters are really amazing looking, more than what I could have ever of had expected.
  • Maurice says the film will be controversial, and will enhance the book for the most part. Everyone’s stoked on it. The corwd gtoes wild!
  • And now, even MORE clips! From the boy who plays Max, Max Records!
  • This is his first time doing something like this of this scale, and the first time to Comic Con.
  • Maurice told him he loved the movie, he hopes people like it, but if not… they can all go straight to hell. Nice!
  • Max really liked working with Spike Jonze. Even when Spike shot fire at the actors to freak them out and get a real reaction out of them. Using propane and flames and shit.
  • And here are more clips.
  • Max daydreaming at school, playing in the snow, having fun, snowball fights.
  • Lots of cool monster stuff, a montage of all the monsters just playing around in their Wild kingdom.
  • Another clip of Max waking up in the arms of one of the Wild Things, like the trailer.
  • The monster tells Max that he’s the ruler of the Kingdom, and that everything he sees is his.
  • Except random stuff, like a few rocks and sticks and holes in trees and whatnot. He wants Max to be King forever. They walk through the desert as well, the “boring part” of the Kingdom.
  • Monster is sad about the kingdom turning to dust (the desert).
  • The monster talking looks amazingly real.
  • They talk about the sun dying and how sad that is. It’s a touching scene… with monsters. Didn’t expect it to be so ‘deep’ but I liked it!
  • A giant dog appears on the sand dunes. Is it a monster? No, that’s just a dog. Crowd cheers!
  • Max rough housing with the monsters, jumping around like crazy, doing a giant dog pile of sorts.
  • They all laugh and say how fun it was. Max starts tickling the monsters, as he’s on the bottom of the pile.
  • He meets one of the monsters while he’s on the bottom of the pile, and talks about how he came to be there in the Kingdom.
  • The monster asks where his family is… it’s a both funny, and a touching scene. Max doesn’t like frozen corn. And that’s why he left his family. And he bit someone.
  • The monster is glad that he doesn’t eat people, which Max doesn’t plan on doing.
  • Now the dogpile is just sleeping, a giant pile of sleeping monsters.
  • They all say goodnight.
  • Crowd cheers for more
  • Next up… THE HOUSE OF ELI! Before the panel, an animated graphic novel is presented to us, showing us the origins of Gary Oldman’s character, who is a badass.
  • Neat stuff for the most part, a poor house with a drunk mom at the TV and a little boy. The boy goes to his room and looks at porn. Until his drunk dad comes home and begins beating the tar out of him.
  • The next morning, we see dad passed out on couch, so is mom, kid is the only one up. He turns off the TV, and with a gas can in hand, he burns all of the church checks he’s been hiding, in a garbage can, and just pushed it over, to burns the house down with his parents inside. He watches it burn to the ground.
  • His name is Billy Carnegie. He then walks away… smiling.
  • NICE!
  • Intriguing as hell, and a kick-ass pre-curser to the film itself.
  • The directors of THE BOOK OF ELI come out, the HUGHES BROTHERS!
  • They introduce the teaser trailer for Book of Eli, and they’re both stoked to show everyone.
  • The Teaser trailer is awesome, Denzel in kick ass mode. Lookin’ like a cool Mad Max style movie
  • Mila Kunis comes out in a smokin’ hot black dress.
  • Crowd goes NUTS over Gary Oldman. People are standing, people love them some Gary Oldman.
  • ‘Gary, You Rule!’ ‘Thank you.’ Crowd goes wild.
  • Denzel shows up and the crowd goes INSANE!!
  • People love them some Denzel even more than they love them some Oldman as there’s lots of screaming.

This is where the CoverItLive decided to work, so continue for the rest of the panel below!





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