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CON: Webmaster panel


I wasn't able to get my sorry ass out to San Diego this year, but about 8 members of our JoBlo.com team were in high gear over there, so I didn't worry too much, as I sat at home and watched STRANGE DAYS while smoking weed for the umpteenth time. As it turns out, JoBlo.com's Editor-in-Chief, Mike Sampson, was invited to sit on this year's webmaster panel (you can watch my appearance on last year's panel RIGHT HERE), which unlike last year's crappy time spot on Sunday morning, apparently got a pretty sweet response, first thing on Thursday morning.

The panel was moderated by those cool dudes who wrote/directed CRANK and CRANK 2: CRANK HARDER! (not actual title), Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Many of the top fansites on the Net were included on the panel, and the next thing you know, the whole thing is being written up by Variety. Kewl. You can also check out the panel on video over at The Movie Blog. Enjoy.

"The real working stiffs of Comic-Con are the movie site web masters and their staffers, tirelessly filing away at their laptops, before, during and after panel after panel. "We wake up at 7 AM and go to bed at 2 AM," said IESB's Robert Sanchez at Thursday morning's web masters panel, "posting news, trying to link to others' stories. We celebrate our work. The entire online Comic-Con community can be proud we kick ass."

Extra Tidbit: JoBlo's real name is Berge Garabedian. His middle name is not Elvis, as rumored.



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