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I wasn't sure how many of you would give a shit about the "Masters of the Web" panel, but then again, I'm consistently surprised about things I do not know, so I figured that I'd run this story anyway, and if you care to check out our Sunday afternoon discussion (the entire thing on video), you can do so below, if not...life goes on. For those who don't know, I was invited to take part in this movie site webmaster panel at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend and even though it was slated at the worst day/time possible (the day after the final night of partying), I managed to show up and mumble a few words here and there.

Admittedly, I was pretty hungover, so please don't look to this video as my best "public" presentation, although I'm sure that speaking into a mic in front of thousands of people (well okay, maybe about a hundred) isn't my forte, either way. The entire panel lasted about 1 1/2 hours, so if you're really bored at work, check it all out over at IESB.NET, the dudes who along with LatinoReview.com put together a pretty sweet Webmaster Party the night before (honestly, there were topless girls dancing around at one point and some of them asked us to spank them! -- I shit you not, CLICK HERE for censored video). I don't think I say much during the first half hour or so, but I toss a few responses in there after that.

I'll keep my thoughts about the actual panel content to myself, but in terms of the panel itself, I wish there had been less people up there (even if I wasn't chosen, that would have been fine), only because it was simply too crowded. Also, even though all the guys were cool, this should really have focused on the "fanboy" sites only and not the corporate ones. Finally, and this might've been a personal thing, I couldn't hear SHIT up there! There weren't many people in the audience, so maybe the echo in the room was bad, but I honestly could barely hear what the other guys, or even I, was saying. Then again, maybe that was just the booze still kicking my ass.


Also, I was flying solo that morning as the entire JoBlo.com crew had already disappeared into the late night (see my own POV video shots above), but all in all, I'm glad to have taken part in the panel, and even though most of the stuff discussed wasn't new to me, perhaps it would interest you all to see what some of the big dogs behind the top sites have to say. You can see all of their names/affiliations below and in case you were wondering, the dudes from AICN were invited, but didn't show up. Oh and the guy moderating the panel is Tom DeSanto, the producer of X-MEN, X2 and TRANSFORMERS. Great man!

Garth Franklin (Darkhorizons.com), Robert Sanchez (IESB.net), Berge Garabedian (JoBlo.com), Patrick Lee (Scifi.com), Ed Douglas (Comingsoon.net/Superherohype.com), Brad Miska (Bloody-Disgusting.com), Steven Weintraub (Collider.com), Devin Faraci (CHUD.com), Paul Christensen (Movieweb.com), Kellvin Chavez (Latinoreview.com) and Eric Moro (IGN.com).


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