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Conan director found?


Exit: Brett Ratner. Enter: James McTeigue?

So sayeth soothsaying reporter/aggressor Devin Faraci over at CHUD, who has it on good authority that the V FOR VENDETTA director and Team Wachowski member will be taking over the sword-sharpening duties for CONAN's latest screen adventure.

We just heard of Ratner's departure the other day, so the producers are clearly anxious to get the Cimmerian death-machine hacking through the Hyborian Age as soon as possible. The project still needs a capable star and some script work, but it's probably safe to assume that would come quickly with the addition of someone like McTeigue.

You may recall that the Wachowskis were attached to a CONAN movie several years ago (the intended sequel KING CONAN: CROWN OF IRON, not thorns), so this would sort of make sense -- McTeigue has been their assistant director since the MATRIX days, and they've obviously collaborated since.

Extra Tidbit: So did Crom answer your request?
Source: CHUD



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