Conan visits Lucasfilm

When I moved out of my parent’s place a few years ago I lost many things that were dear to me. My mother tucking me into bed, my father constantly telling me that I was ‘nobody’ and that I ‘would amount to nothing’ and our pet salamander Marcel. But perhaps the biggest loss was cable. I’ve managed to download my favourite shows, but one thing I’ve had to sacrifice in my cableless existence was a nightly dose of Conan O’Brien. I love the guy, truly, and his absurdist comedy has been truly missed. However, because of Youtube, all is not lost, and now two new videos have popped up online that are truly worth watching if you’re a fan of Conan, a fan of STAR WARS, or both. The red-haired one has been shooting shows in San Francisco all week and a couple days ago visited ILM/LucasFIlm and interviewed Lucas himself on the show. Both clips are entertaining and you’d be doing yourself a favour if you checked them out BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: Conan will be replacing Jay Leno in 2009 as host of THE TONIGHT SHOW
Source: Slashfilm



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