Condemned art hits you

Something about THE CONDEMNED, the latest attempt to make a WWE rassler into an action star, appeals to my base desire to watch burly dudes (and a couple of ladies with healthy lungs) pound each other like there's a prize for it.

The official synopsis: An adrenalin-charged action thriller, “The Condemned” tells the story of Jack Conrad (Stone Cold Steve Austin), who is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is “purchased” by a wealthy television producer and taken to a desolate island where he must fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world, with freedom going to the sole survivor. The producer films the illegal event, airing the killings live and uncensored onto the internet.

If shows like AMERICAN IDOL and SURVIVOR actually started eliminating contestants in a similar manner, I might consider watching them. But in the meantime this "outdoor art" (the bottom poster will smash your local bus shelter) for THE CONDEMNED is kinda cool. Click that first one for a better view of the brawl.

The Condemned

Extra Tidbit: The Rock reportedly wants to move away from action movies, leaving former grappling companions like Austin to fill the void.
Source: Lionsgate



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