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Condition Dead 3D?


Zombies Just about a year and a half ago, we told you about our man Dave Davis selling his horror spec CONDITION DEAD with MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D director Patrick Lussier behind the camera and Moviehole's Clint Morris producing. Morris recently had a chat with Lussier and he mentioned that this flick is ripe for some 3D action. Here's a snippet:

One of your next films is, well, the one that I'm producing with you - Condition Dead. We've discussed recently adding some kind of 3D element to it.

Condition Dead would be a perfect 3D movie.

Tell the audience a little bit about it..

It's an aggressive gritty zombie movie with the tagline: When the Dead Rise... Leave it to the professionals. The story centres on a team that polices 'outbreaks' of a certain kind all over the world. But this time, the outbreak proves to be different than expected. It's a great script by Dave Davis and would be a blast to make and even more fun to watch.

An elite zombie squad hunting a savage breed of undead bastards? Zombies in 3D? Yes, please! Mucho props, Daverino! Read the rest of the interview HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The picture isn't an actual still from the film. Just a generic zombie pic.
Source: Moviehole



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