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Confirmed! Hugo Weaving is taking on Captain America as Red Skull


Back in March, Hugo Weaving was in talks to play Red Skull in the Captain America film.

Today, Marvel Studios is confirming that the actor will definitely be playing the villain opposite Chris Evans as Captain America.

In the press release, they also provide this, "In the early comics, Johann Schmidt was drafted into loyal service of The Third Reich and renamed “The Red Skull”. The character will be updated for the feature adaptation." So you're telling me Schmidt will not longer be associated with the Reich? If that's the case it contradicts what I've been hearing.

I'm not sure where they've decided to go in terms of time period. Will it be World War II era or modern era?

It's good to hear that Weaving is definitely on board. He'll make an excellent fit and a great adversary for Cap.

Extra Tidbit: I'd also like to see some Ultimate Red Skull.
Source: JoBlo



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