Connelly ain't Into You

Is Jennifer Connelly the hottest chick on the planet? She certainly did well in LITTLE CHILDREN, which was the last time I saw her. Anyway, if you're of the opinion that she is number 1, then you're in for a treat, because she's signed on to star in HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. I read a review of the script a couple of months ago and the thing sounded pretty good, but the most important thing is that as far as I can remember, pretty much all the broads in the movie get nailed. Which is a result. The movie is based on a book that was written by two of the SEX AND THE CITY writers, so you pretty much know what to expect. Justin Long (DODGEBALL) and Kevin Connelly (ENTOURAGE) are the male leads and Drew Barrymore (LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW WHO SHE IS) produces and stars. Ken Kwapis (LICENSE TO WED) is the fella directing all of these sexual shenanigans.
Extra Tidbit: NOT THAT INTO YOU is being described as a 'TRAFFIC of comedy'.
Source: Cinematical



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