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Contest: Mirrors!


Our horror expert Ammon Gilbert had a breakfast with the MIRRORS folk out in San Diego where they showed the entire jaw-rip sequence from the film plus behind-the-scenes stuff.  Now this is a guy who clocks his timecard working on some of the scariest of the scary and even he admitted that scene was as nasty as anything he's scene in recent history.  But if you're a gorehound and it's that kinda thing that floats you're boat, this might be something you wanna hang on your wall!  We've got FIVE (5) autographed copies of an 8X10 print of the jaw-rip aftermath!  Alex Aja personally signed them at Comic-Con and one of those suckers can be yours simply by entering your name and address below.  It certainly is a great conversation piece!  MIRRORS hits theaters on August 15th and you can check out more of the film by heading over to the official site.  Check back this Monday, August 4th, to see if you're one of the lucky winners!

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