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Contest: Nightmare X-Mas


UPDATE: We're giving away 1 more $160 Collector's Edition Bust of Jack Skellington via the latest episode of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW (The Halloween Edition). To win, just watch the show, pay close attention to JoBlo's segment (around the 1:10 minute mark) and just follow the simple instructions. We're also giving away 2 copies of the DVD and 2 more copies of the Blu-Ray, so you actually have 5 chances to win (winners chosen randomly from good guesses). You can see a video of the bust below...

If my 10/10 review of Tim Burton's THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS didn't convince you of my love for this film, nor the life-size figure of Jack Skellington in my living room or the video of the Nightmare Village filmed for the DVD CLINIC's SHOW US YOUR SHIT segment, than maybe this kickass contest will. In case you didn't already know, the classic movie finally received a 2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD, which was released on August 26th. For your chance to win a Collector's Edition of the Jack Skellington bust, or one of 2 DVDs or 2 Blu-Rays that we're giving away today, check out today's episode of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW and follow the basic instructions during JoBlo's segment of the show (around the 1:10 minute mark). The prize is a limited edition, individually numbered hand-painted bust of Mr. Skellington himself, equipped with a "Sandy Claws" hat and beard, a sound chip that plays memorable lines from the film, as well as a letter of authenticity. A definite 'must' for any true NBC fan. Check out the video of the special bust below or CLICK HERE for the film's original trailer, teaser and a clip from the movie.



Source: JoBlo.com



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