Contest: Number 23

A lot of people seem pumped by THE NUMBER 23 starring Jim Carrey and I can't say that I blame them. The film's trailer is pretty decent, the film co-stars Virginia Madsen and Rhona Mitra, among others, and its plotline is actually pretty original (especially compared to the re-treads of the day). Also, the film is directed by Joel Schumacher, who when not killing kick-ass comic-book franchises on the big screen, has actually been known to direct a few taut thrillers (see THE LOST BOYS, FLATLINERS, FALLING DOWN, PHONE BOOTH, etc...)

The film is set for release on (you guessed it), February 23rd, but before then, New Line Cinema is giving everyone a shot at winning a Nintendo Wii system (get it, the W has 2 points facing down and 3 facing up...23!!!), for anyone who heads on over to THIS SITE and provides them with a cool-ass story somehow related to the number 23. I remember getting my first hooker at the age of 23...does that count? Probably not, especially since she turned out not be a real hooker, but rather, just a cute girl dressed in a short skirt walking the street. What a right hook. Anyway, go, enter, win and thank us later!!

Source: New Line Cinema



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