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Most people probably know Francis Ford Coppola for his GODFATHER movies, but he was crafting masterful thrills and paranoia in 1974 with Gene Hackman in THE CONVERSATION.

Since the subject matter is more relevant than ever (even a decade after Hackman tiptoed through similar territory in ENEMY OF THE STATE), a cable series based on the Oscar-nominated film is now in the works for AMC (home of the excellent MAD MEN). Even more interesting -- THE USUAL SUSPECTS writer Christopher McQuarrie is co-writing the new project, with BAND OF BROTHERS scribe Erik Jenresen.

The original movie featured Hackman as an obsessive surveillance expert who believes he accidentally overhears a discussion he should not. The TV project will also be set in the low-tech 1970s, "through the filter of 2009" and involving "the issues of privacy and individuality, and issues of spying and listening".

Extra Tidbit: THE CONVERSATION featured appearances by Cindy Williams, Harrison Ford and Frederic Forrest, all of whom later screen-tested for STAR WARS.
Source: Variety



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