Cook takes a No. 2

I personally don't care much at all for Dane Cook and I hope he fades away as quickly as the memory of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH. But I understand that some, perhaps many, of you are fans of the dude. So I'll try to keep my personal feelings about his brand of MySpace-pimped comedy in check. Cook has signed on for another Lionsgate comedy, this time agreeing to star in BACHELOR NO. 2. Like another Lionsgate Dane Cook comedy - the upcoming GOOD LUCK CHUCK - Cook will play a man with magical sexual powers. Where in CHUCK Cook plays a man who makes women marry the next guy they meet after they sleep with him. In BACHELOR, he'll play a guy who's hired by dumped guys to romance their women so they'll go crawling back (he's apparently so terrible it makes the ex-boyfriends seem great by comparison). It all sounds so very hilarious. And if you're in the mood for something really funny, you should check out Cook trying to be serious on MR. BROOKS this Friday (damn, I promised I wouldn't go there!). Filming on BACHELOR is expected to begin this August.

Extra Tidbit: Howard Deutch of THE WHOLE TEN YARDS fame will direct BACHELOR for Lionsgate.
Source: Variety



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