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This film has been floating around for a while, never getting anywhere near the kind of love it deserved. I've seen it a couple of times, and it is brilliant. Apparently now, over in the UK the film is getting a belated cinematic release and a new poster has been released too. The film, directed by badass Park Chan-Wook (OLDBOY, SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE), is about a young girl who thinks that she is a combat cyborg. She is committed to a psychiatric ward after almost killing herself, where she falls in love with a guy (Rain, SPEED RACER) who thinks he can steal other people's abilities.

I'M A CYBORG BUT THAT'S OKAY is plot-wise, nothing like any of Park's previous films. But what it is, is a freaking stylistic masterclass.

The film will be showing on 4th April in the UK, and I believe, at the AFI Korean Film Festival DC on the 11th. Definitely, check it out. Girls, you can tell your fella the movie is about a cyborg, like Hacker in Centurions, and also that the director's last movie was a bloody revenge flick with lesbianism. Guys, you can tell your girl that the it's a love story filled with bright beautiful colors and co-starring the dreamy K-pop sensation Rain. It's a win-win!
Extra Tidbit: It looks like the title has been shortened from I'M A CYBORG BUT THAT'S OKAY to just I'M A CYBORG. Is it suddenly not okay? Suddenly we're discriminating?
Source: Impawards.com



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