Cool movie art!

I've been a fan of Justin Reed's unique artwork since I noticed it back in 2007 and started commissioning my own paintings from him and plugging him on our site in that year and 2008. But even I didn't think his work would get recognized so fast by so many others, as directors such as Kevin Smith and Roger Avary have commissioned work from him over that time, and now some of his original paintings are being reprinted for sale at your basic poster prices on sites like OnePoster.com and GrindStore.com (not surprised since he now apparently has a 6-8 month waiting list for his commissioned work).

The first one out of the gates is the poster based on one of the paintings he had drawn for me: RESERVOIR DOGS!! Check it out below (they only cost about $6US).

You can see some of his previous paintings by clicking on the year links in the paragraph above, or check out his most recent work below or on his official site. Looking forward to checking out one of your own exhibits one day, my man...love your work!

Extra Tidbit: You can read an interview with Mr. Justin Reed himself right HERE.
Source: OnePoster.com



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