Cool new artist: Justin Reed

If we receive enough inspiration going forward, we'll try and post one of these up every now and again, but for now, allow me to introduce a very cool movie artist that I came across a few months ago, whom I think many of you might also dig. Let me start from the beginning though, a few months ago, a JoBlo.com reader dropped me a line to a painting from a dude named Justin Reed. THIS was the painting that I saw at the time. I'm not a big "art lover" or anything, but I recently moved into my own pad (yeah, my parents just started charging too much rent...hehehe), so needless to say, I was looking for something to "spice" up my walls, between the TAXI DRIVER and GOODFELLAS posters. Specifically, something cool and distinct.

Enter Justin Reed and his hand-painted movie art, some of which you can see below this article. Art being subjective, I'm sure these paintings might not appeal to all of you, but if any of you were on the lookout for some slick paintings to spruce up your pad, Justin has a few of these for sale, does commissions (the RESERVOIR DOGS painting below is one of mine!) and despite not being cheap, is certainly worth the extra bucks, if you're looking for something unique and movie-oriented. You can email him directly at [email protected] and click on any of the examples below to see them enlarged. PS: You're not a "real" movie fan if you can't name all of the movies made reference to, in these paintings (16 in all). Pshaw!!


Source: JoBlo.com



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