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Cool uh, Audio: The King's Speech, the real one


I was turned onto this link from Roger Ebert's Twitter, one of the few folks on the site worth following (other than of course!).

It's the original audio of King George's big wartime address that's the central event in THE KING'S SPEECH, the Oscar favorite with Colin Firth playing the titular role. The film is about the king's struggle to overcome a terrible stammer, and give his people a confident address in the perilous times of WWII.

You'll hear it in the movie, and I guess technically this could be considered spoilers, but from the BBC archives you can hear the actual speech that aired below. It's slow and methodical, and you hear him swapping out his 'Rs' but it's cool to see (hear) the actual history behind the film.

Listen below, or head over to the BBC for a clearer version.

Extra Tidbit: Yeahhh I'm on Twitter too. Sigh.
Source: BBC



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