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Cool Videos: [the films of] Steven Spielberg


I think it's fair to say that Steven Spielberg is a great director, who makes films that are not only entertaining but inspire viewers.

At the end of December, keesvdijkhuizen debuted [the films of] for Mr. Spielberg. Is it awesome? Yes. Does it need more music from JURASSIC PARK? Yes. Do the scenes from E.T. make me tear up? Yes. I love this video series and am happy to share this with you.

This was the last of the year long series, so keesvdijkhuizen shared some thoughts on the project:

"Film as we know it today was shaped by thousands of creative minds working together to create something special for the audience to experience. Among those is Steven Spielberg; considered by many to be the true master of modern day cinema, Spielberg's 26 feature films have each taken us to magical worlds, introduced us to fantastic characters and on adventures we will never forget. [the films of] has honored many filmmakers, but none of them as significant to film history as the genius featured in this final episode."

"[the films of] was a 12-part, yearlong project on YouTube, created to showcase some of our time's finest filmmakers. It has been an amazing journey for me, and hopefully for some of the thousands of viewers who have supported me this past year. I have gained a new perspective on film and the process behind it, and my passion for the medium has grown to new heights. I want to thank everyone who accompanied me during this project, and I hope it was as satisfying watching it as it was creating it."

Check out the video below. Also, check out keesvdijkhuizen's YouTube page for more videos in this series.

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