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Cool Videos: 50-minutes of deleted scenes from David Lynch's Blue Velvet


Who doesn't want an extra 50-minutes of David Lynch's BLUE VELVET?

However, you may not want to watch these deleted scenes at work because there's definitely some NSFW stuff here. Boobs and nipples everywhere! Even flaming nipples! I know that's going to make your day.

Lynch said, “That’s one of my favorite scenes." So why did they nix it? "It was too much of a good thing.” I agree. But these scenes were part of what Lynch had to cut away from his original three and a half hour flick.

Now if you already picked up the 25th anniversary Blu-ray, you've seen the deleted scenes. This is for those who didn't get the chance to buy it, or maybe you just want to see them again.

Click on the screencap to head to the scenes. I had to do that because the screenshot they have for the video is boobies. I'm keeping you out of trouble.



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