Cool Videos: 60 Minutes previews Spider-Man on Broadway

Whether or not you consider this a "cool" video depends on what you think of the video below. Last night, "60 Minutes" ran a 15-minute report on the upcoming Spider-Man musical "Turn Off the Dark." I'll admit that I'm pretty impressed with the wirework and physical effects on display but beyond that I'm not much more optimistic.

The musical had its debut on Broadway last night and in talking to some New York City friends who were in attendance, it was a visual marvel but a storytelling disaster. That's unfortunate to hear as I'd rather find out the story is genius while the stunts still need some work (the show is just in previews, which would leave the production some time to fix any technical glitches).

Check out the video below to learn a little bit more about the musical and see if it's something you'd be comfortable spending about $100/ticket to watch...

Extra Tidbit: Somewhere Alan Cummings, Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess are breathing big sighs of relief.
Source: 60 Minutes



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